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Early Literacy Tip - Talking

This is a tip I can share in both baby and toddler storytimes: "Talking is a great way to help your child build vocabulary. Babies and toddlers can understand words before they can speak them, so talk to your child about everything, as often as you can. You will be amazed to see how they respond and interact with you as they soak up what you say!"

Early Literacy Tip - Singing Silly Songs

In my last storytime, we sang one of my favorite songs from childhood: "Apples and Bananas." The kids had a fun time laughing and singing along to the different vowel sounds, and it was a great time to slip in this early literacy tip for parents: "Parents, singing is such a great activity because it's fun and silly and kids love to sing with you, but it's also a great learning activity. We just learned about vowel sounds, and songs also help us learn new vocabulary and help us hear the smaller sounds in words--all of which will help your child when they start to learn to read.

CLEL Conference Registration Open!

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Texting and Early Learning

A recent study at Stanford, explored whether texting early learning activities to parents could help decrease the "word gap."  The initial results show that it does help.  It gives parents a tap on the shoulder reminder to do fun things that promote learning.  Text messages included:

Write the alphabet on paper

Make a letter puzzle

Earlier is Easier

 Denver Public Library is partnering with agencies around the metro area to create a capital campaign entitled Earlier is Easier!  Partners include CLEL, Bright Beginnings, Reach Out and Read and many more.  The campaign is focused on getting the word out about the importance of early learning.  Eventually, they hope to have everything from tip cards to billboards.

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Verbally Engaging with Babies

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