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Connecting with Early Childhood community

At a recent meeting of the Douglas County Early Childhood Coalition, our local early childhood council, one of our members, Kay Swanson, suggested that children's librarians would be very welcome to join their local CAEYC organization.The Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children has
districts across Colorado. Kay is Member-At-Large, on the board of the Denver Metro district of CAEYC, but she makes a good point for any of us working for libraries and early literacy in Colorado.

Neighborhoods and Influence On Literacy

Interesting article - notice how often there is a mention of the importance of access to libraries.

Colorado's Early Childhood e-newsletter

Back To Basics - Babies Need Real People

Let's spread the word about this bit of news: Baby Einstein can no longer claim to create baby geniuses, and must even refund the price of its videos. It costs nothing to do the bottom-line best for children. Parents and caregivers need only share lots of language and a joy of being together. Attend storytimes and check out some books from the library and you have even further rich resources.

Please take a moment to read this NY Times article, "No Einstein in Your Crib? Get A Refund." by Tamar Lewin

Can we create a 'culture of early literacy?"

What if we could make such an impact, and raise awareness so much that we actually changed how all people think about early childhood? What if we could educate the general public so that everyone viewed reading to children as essential as brushing teeth?

A small, voluntary group, the Children's Literacy Coalition began many years ago to consider this idea. How could we embed the value of reading to young children as something that happens every single day within every family?

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