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CLEL mugYou can now support CLEL with just one click! We've added a link to our zazzle merchandise shop to the homepage - on the lower right side. Part of the proceeds from each coffee cup, sticker, magnet, tote bag, or t-shirt goes to CLEL, helping our efforts to promote early literacy learning in Colorado! Thank you!

Advocacy Tip for June: Organize a Read In!

Note: CLEL will be posting a new Advocacy Tip every month. To see all the tips, click on the "Advocacy Tips" tag above.

You are an early literacy advocate if you organize a Read-In to kickoff the summer reading program, National Library Week, Children's Book Week, etc.

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Blog comments working again

Hello friends,

CLEL is aware that it's been difficult recently for folks to post comments to the blog.  Our web guru believes she knows what's causing the problem, and I think we've come up with a temporary fix.  So, please, try, try again!

We value your comments!

Progress report on CLEL's LSTA grant project: "Building Reading Readiness"

CLEL members who were able to attend last November's annual meeting heard about the latest LSTA grant project we are working on, which is to create a website with videos of rhymes/fingerplays and songs with early literacy tips.  Patricia Froehlich, Youth Services Senior Consultant with the Colorado State Library, has submitted this report on CLEL's progress on the grant so far:


Job Opportunity at Denver Public Library: Senior Librarian - Early Literacy Department

The full listing for this opening can be found here.

CLEL Seeking Contract Drupal Developer

The Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy seeks a web design and Drupal development firm to create a website of video vignettes on early literacy. CLEL is looking to add streaming video to our existing web presence. We would like to create an auxiliary site to integrate with our existing Drupal site at

Please see the full job description for more information about the project and the submission process.

Proposals are due February 8, 2010.

Annual Meeting Recap!

The organizers of CLEL's first Annual Meeting would like to thank everyone who attended for their enthusiasm and support. We are excited about all our new memebers and are looking forward to all we can accomplish together for early literacy in Colorado in 2010!

CLEL is Awarded an LSTA grant for 2009!

The Commissioner of Education just announced that CLEL has been awarded one of the LSTA grants for 2009-2010! This is our second LSTA grant!

Here's our new project:

Babies: "The R & D department of the human species"

According to Alison Gopnik, University of California, Berkeley psychologist, research is changing our understanding of the first years of life, showing early childhood to be a period of intellectual, emotional, and moral development. "Any child will put the most productive scientist to shame," she writes in her new book, The Philosophical Baby." Read the full article here.

Do you tweet?

Several literacy websites and blogs are using twitter, the microblogging service, to "tweet" about news, new posts, and useful information they want you to be aware of.  Many libraries are also using the service to keep patrons and friends aprised of library happenings.  For up-to-the-minute updates, why not follow:

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