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Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, fellow CLEL-ians!

We wish all of you a happy and healthy 2012 filled with lots of good books and enthusiastic storytimes!

What are YOU resolved to do this year to promote early literacy skills development in YOUR library? Please share in the comments!

Friday Funday: Kids Need New Years' Resolutions Too!

Post by Lisa C.

The most common adult resolutions, from a kids' perspective:


Babies Can Start Determining A Child's Reliability at an Early Age

Post by Lisa C.

Results from a recent study show that babies as young as 13 months old can determine if an adult it reliable based on past experience with adult behavior. I found this article fascinating. It really shows how important it is that we are a positive and consistent presence in a baby’s life. Check out the article from Live Science.

Friday Funday: Muppet Babies "By the Book"

For your Friday fun today, we bring you a little nostalgia: remember Muppet Babies? In this episode, our heroes find themselves in a nursery without toys (*gasp!*). Nanny brings in a box of books, but the babies can't yet read! What will they do? Kermit knows the answer, and it's right out of one of our early literacy trainings!

This is part 1. Links below the video are for parts 2 and 3:


How to Raise a Reader

Post by Lisa C.

Funding Opportunity: IMLS National Leadership Grants to Advance the Goals of the Campaign for Grade Level Reading

The Institute for Museum and Library Services has announced a new grant opportunity which may be of interest to libraries with early literacy programs. From their press release distributed on Friday:

Join the CLEL Twitter Team!

As we have added new members to the CLEL Steering Committee, certain committee responsibilities are being adjusted to accommodate the change in personnel. Melissa Depper has agreed to chair the Advocacy Committee in 2012, freeing Nancy Maday to become the Steering Committee Chair. In order to make time for her new duties, Melissa will no longer be able to take sole responsibility for the CLEL Twitter account. As a result, the Communications Committee is looking for several CLEL members to volunteer to help maintain our Twitter presence!

About CLEL on Twitter

CLEL 12 December Update

Welcome to December!

Here’s our monthly update on our new CLEL 12 project, a set of early-literacy related activities you are invited to complete over the next twelve months. The actions were developed as basic building blocks, to help you strengthen your role as an early-literacy advocate, increase your participation in the early literacy community, further your own professional development and education, and expand your knowledge of the CLEL organization.

Windsor Library Hosts "Learn Spanish Through Storytime" Program

Post by Andrea C.

What We're Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to CLEL Members and blog readers!  This year, and every year, we are thankful for librarians, educators, parents and friends who strive to help young children develop the skills they need to become readers. We're also thankful for the many wonderful authors and illustrators who make sharing books a daily delight!


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