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U.S. Department of Education Announces New Office of Early Learning

Last week the U.S. Department of Education announced a proposal to create an Office of Early Learning. The Office would be headed by Jacqueline Jones, Senior Advisor for Early Learning, and would be responsible, among other things, for the Race To The Top Early Learning Challenge.

Read the full press release here.

Welcome CLEL's New Steering Committee Members!

If you were able to attend last month's membership meeting, you'll remember meeting our 4 candidates for the steering committee. As we had 4 openings on the committee, a vote wasn't necessary to install them as our newest members! So we offer a BIG welcome to:

Lisa Cole - Denver Public Library

Lisa Chipouras - Douglas County Libraries

Laura Baldasarri-Hackstaff - Douglas County Libraries

Crystal Niedzwiadek - Aurora Public Library

Friday Funday! Celebrate Picture Book Month with Peter Brown

In honor of Picture Book Month (a celebration of the literacy and the magic of picture books created by author Dianne de las Casas), Etsy asked author Peter Brown (of Children Make Terrible Pets fame) to compile his favorite videos about picture books.

Friday Funday! Uncovered Cover Art

Have you ever wanted to re-do a kids' book cover? Have you ever looked at an old, but well-loved title, and thought "wow, I'm sure I could get more kids to read this if they just updated the cover!"? Well, Uncovered Cover Art allows artists to do just that. Artists submit their re-imagined covers of well-known children's books and not only do we get to enjoy them, but the artists might have their art seen by a publishing house!

Occupy The Classroom: The Case for Early Childhood Education

In light of the Occupy Wall Street movement that has taken over the country, many pundits are weighing in on how to solve the problem of economic inequality. In this Op-Ed piece from the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof makes a case for his solution: "...the single step that would do the most to reduce inequality has nothing to do with finance at all.

Mesa County Libraries Pilot Book Crates for Preschool Classrooms

Post by Lisa C.

Announcing the CLEL 12!

Earlier this month at the Annual Meeting, CLEL launched a new project. It’s called the CLEL 12 and it was inspired by the Learning 2.0 Project “23 Things.” Designed in response to member feedback, the CLEL 12 is a set of early-literacy related activities you are invited to complete over the twelve months. The actions were developed as basic building blocks, to help you strengthen your role as an early-literacy advocate, increase your participation in the early literacy community, further your own professional development and education, and expand your knowledge of the CLEL organization.

Friday Funday (This Is Cool!): The Developmental Alphabet

Post by Lisa C.

This is a fun video on that animates each letter of the alphabet with unexpected words and excitement.  It's called the "developmental" alphabet: The B is made of a biscuit, and H is for Homer, as in Homer Simpson.  S and W are particularly cool! The whole video is very cute and entertaining.  I watched it several times because I couldn’t get enough.


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