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Advocacy Tip for July: Reach Out to Parents and Caregivers

Note: CLEL will be posting a new Advocacy Tip every month. To see all the tips, click on the "Advocacy Tip" tag above.

Advocating for early literacy often means going out into the community.  The Ohio Ready to Read site has some great tips for reaching parents who may not be reading to their children.

Taken from the Ohio Ready to Read website:

Friday Funday! First Barbie Doll Commercial

Post by Lisa C.

Technology in ECE? Leap Frog Jumps Into the Technology For Kids Market and NAEYC Takes a Position

Post by Lisa C. and Mary K.

5 Early Childhood Blogs that Discuss Early Literacy

Here are five non-library world bloggers who regularly discuss early literacy activities and ideas. Check them out from time to time! You may be inspired to turn one of their craft projects into a preschool program, or refer storytime parents and caregivers here for further reading about the importance of early literacy.

Teach Mama

Friday Funday! Book Reviews (and original art) by Gracie, Lily, and Isaac

Aaron Zenz is an author and illustrator in his own right, with such titles as Chuckling Ducklings and the Hiccupotamus available in libraries now. But his children are also budding illustrators, and book reviewers too! On their website Bookie Woogie the kids, Gracie, Isaac, Elijah, and Lily, talk about the books they've read and create fan art.

Playopedia: A New Play Resource

There's been a lot of talk lately about the benefits play provides young children. It's being talked about on blogs, in research, in libraries, and in early childhood education centers. Parents are certainly encouraged to make sure their children are getting plenty of time to just PLAY (although, as a child's brain develops, it's never JUST play, is it?)

Literacy-Based Craft: X Marks the Spot Maps

Many of our storytime families will be traveling this summer! Here’s a craft you can use with a Things that Go or Travelling storytime that starts with recycled maps.

Ask your staff or patrons if they have old maps they can bring in, or call your local AAA office to see if they have out-of-date maps they would be willing to donate.

Cut the maps into smaller pieces, and cut triangles and squares out of construction paper. If you have a diecut machine, you can use it to cut Xs, but if you don’t, skinny rectangle shapes can be glued criss-cross to make your own Xs.

Friday Funday! Pottermore!

Post by Lisa C.

Johnson County Library's 6 by 6 Program

Many of you are probably familiar with Johnson County (Kansas) Library's wonderful 6 by 6 early literacy program, which encourages pre-reading skills development through storytimes, parent involvement, videos, and now, activity spaces.

Friday Funday! Don't Let the Pigeon Be the Principal

This 1st grade class created an excellent sequel to Mo Willem's Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus. It follows the storyline of the original perfectly, and the child who plays the Pigeon is a natural! What talented 1st graders! Nice job!


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