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Asking Questions While You Read


Tips for Dialogic Reading



Early Literacy Tip - Writing

When my storytime craft involves a lot of coloring or drawing, I like to share an early literacy tip about writing with parents. I might say something like this: "Coloring and scribbling help build the motor skills your child will need to hold a pencil and write. Drawing is also a great way for your child to tell stories before they can write words--ask them lots of questions about what they're drawing and the story they want to tell with their drawing."

Increasing Positivity through Early Literacy


Early Literacy Tip - Diaper Time Singing

When I was at a conference, someone shared this great tip that I like to share with parents: "Diaper changing time is a great time to incoproate singing. It can help calm a wiggly baby or toddler. Picking favorite, familiar songs to sing while changing your baby's diaper--like the alphabet song, Twinkle, Twinkle, or another favorite--is an easy, fun way to build early literacy skills!"

Early Literacy Survey

If your library is working on sharing early literacy information in your community, please complete the following survey:

Jan 2014 Steering Committee Meeting

Our next CLEL Steering Committee Meeting will be on January 10th.  We will be welcoming our new steering committee members and discussing ways to get people out of state more involved with CLEL.  Please feel free to join us for our meeting.  We love visitors and would love people to get to know what happens at the meeting.  

CLiC Office
7400 E Arapahor Rd, Suite 75
Centennial, CO 80112

All Ages Storytime

How old is too old  to read to a child?  It turns out that there isn’t really an age that is too old.  I haven't been a child for a while, but I still love having someone read to me!  Being read to both increases comprehension and builds a positive relationship between reader and read-ee.

2014 CLEL Steering Committee Members


We are happy to announce the new members of the 2014 CLEL Steering Committee!

Structured Storytime

One of the most humbling realizations I had when I started working in my library was the idea that storytime might be one of the only structured, fun, and regular events in the lives of many of my younger customers.

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