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All Ages Storytime

How old is too old  to read to a child?  It turns out that there isn’t really an age that is too old.  I haven't been a child for a while, but I still love having someone read to me!  Being read to both increases comprehension and builds a positive relationship between reader and read-ee.

2014 CLEL Steering Committee Members


We are happy to announce the new members of the 2014 CLEL Steering Committee!

Structured Storytime

One of the most humbling realizations I had when I started working in my library was the idea that storytime might be one of the only structured, fun, and regular events in the lives of many of my younger customers.

Early Literacy Tip - Language Development

I love it when I come across a great picture book with rare words in it to share in storytime. Whenever I've finished a book with great vocabulary, I like to give parents this tip: "I love that book because it has such great words in it. Reading to your child is a wonderful way to build vocabulary, and picture books often feature rare words children won't necessarily hear in everyday conversation."

Engaging with Children Outside of Storytime

The more I get to know the children who frequent my library, especially those under the age of 5, the more I like to engage them in conversation.

Early Literacy Tip - Singing When You're Not a Singer

I did not grow up in a singing family. When I started doing storytimes, the constant amount of singing--especially in baby and toddler times--was probably the most difficult part of storytime to get used to. Now, I'm happy to say, singing is one of my favorite parts of storytime. I love seeing children become more confident with the songs we sing and the hand motions that go with them as they come to storytime week after week--it's great to watch their knowledge grow!

Bringing Sign Language into Storytime


Early Literacy Tip When a Book Isn't Working

Occasionally in storytime, a book just doesn't work. Maybe it's a new one that doesn't read to the group as well as you thought it would. Maybe it's an old favorite, but everyone has a case of the group wiggles and no one is paying attention.

De-Stress and Build Early Literacy




Winter Snow Stories

It's the season for snow stories, one of my favorite themes of the year, it's actually hard for me to pick just 4 books to share with each story hour!

Welcome - Try creating a routine by using the same song, rhyme or finger play to start each story time meeting. Like this one using your hands . . . 

Open, shut them

Open, shut them

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Open, shut them

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