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Conference Materials

Thank you all again for attending the 2013 CLEL Conference!  It was a huge success.  

We have comprised all of the materials from the conference under the Conference Tab on the webpage.  You will find materials from the breakout sessions, the elevator speeches and song share, including the sessions that were cancelled.  We will add videos from the days events soon.  

We hope to see everyone next year for another amazing day!


CLEL Conference Attendees Map

I just made a map of where everyone is coming from the CLEL Conference.  It is awesome!  Of course, the Front Range has tons of people, but we have many others from near and far.  We have people from as far as Mancos Public Library on the western side of the state and as far as Sterling Public Library on the Eastern side.  I didn't even know where Norwood Public Library was located (it is on the western slope, southwest of Montrose).

CLEL Conference Preview

As you probably already know our annual conference is this Friday, September 13 in Englewood, CO. Friday the 13th has an infamous reputation but we hope to change that with this year's fantastic programs!

Each year the CLEL annual meeting has continued to grow and this year is no exception, branching from beyond a one room meeting into a multi-room and multi-workshop annual conference. We hope you are excited about these changes as we are.

Silver Bell Titles for PLAY

Playing encourages children to use their growing vocabularies to think about their world, to experiment with how stories work, and to understand relationships. The books on this list model and reflect play in a variety of ways: games between parents and children, interactions with a book itself, and open-ended exploration of toys or found materials.

Silver Bell Titles for WRITE

Writing skills develop in tandem with reading skills and help children build on the key insight that print has meaning. These titles present a variety of ways young children experiment with intentional mark-making: drawing pictures, interpreting their own marks, and using different types of print, such as lists and notes.

Silver Bell Titles for SING

Singing supports children's oral language development of language structures, vocabulary, and phonological awareness. Some of the titles on this list show families and characters who incorporate singing and music into their daily routines, while others foster the exploration of rhyme, alliteration, and syllable concepts.

Silver Bell Titles for READ

Reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building all early literacy skills and preparing children to read on their own. This collection of books demonstrates great shared reading practices, shows that books can affect lives profoundly, and allows children to practice age-appropriate pre-reading behaviors themselves.

Announcing the Silver Bells!

The Silver Bells are 25 picture books from the last 25 years, still in print as of summer 2013, that the CLEL Bell Awards Selection Committee consider to be excellent representations of the Bell Awards Selection Criteria.

CLEL Bell Award Nomination: Count the Monkeys by Mack Barnett and Kevin Cornell

Count the Monkeys by Mac Barnett and illustrated
by Kevin Cornell has been nominated for a CLEL Bell Award for Play.

Here's what the nominator said about the book:

CLEL Bell Webinar

Webinar: Introducing the CLEL Bell Picture Book Awards
Thursday, September 19, 12:00 – 1:00 pm MT

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