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Skipping Pages in Storytime


Texting and Early Learning

A recent study at Stanford, explored whether texting early learning activities to parents could help decrease the "word gap."  The initial results show that it does help.  It gives parents a tap on the shoulder reminder to do fun things that promote learning.  Text messages included:

Write the alphabet on paper

Make a letter puzzle

Verbally Engaging with Babies

Dialogic Reading


Building Listening Skills with Children



Take Early Literacy with you Wherever You Go




Modeling Reading Behavior for Children

“I read to my kids every night. I read with
my kids during the day. I do it because I see it as a crucial piece of their
education. I can’t just outsource the raising of my children to specialists–and
then complain that those teachers are failing. It is obvious to me that parents
also need to be involved. They need to make sure their children read books.”

Shapiro, author


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