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TOMORROW! SPELL Project Webinar: A dialogue on engaging parents in early literacy

Via Vivienne Houghton:

Greetings! Please join us for...

SPELL Project Webinar: A dialogue on engaging parents in early literacy

Date: Thursday, Dec 13th

Time: 10:00am to 11:00am (MST)
(No registration required. A recording will be available.)

National Early Literacy Study - Your Input Needed!

The Association for Library Service to Children sends this request. Please share the great things your library's doing!:


YS News From the Colorado State Library

The Colorado State Library just put out an issue of the YS news.  It contains tons of great information.  It has everything from summer reading information, what is going on at different libraries, and who won the 2012 LSTA grants.  Check it out to find out what is going on in the world of youth services in libraries.  Happy Halloween!


If you haven't yet submitted your interest statement to become a member of the steering committee, there's still time!

All the details are here. And read about a newbie's experience here.

Join us!

Sensory Storytime at Douglas County Libraries

Recently, Douglas County Libraries has implemented Sensory Enhanced Storytimes.  The storytimes are geared to kids on the autism spectrum and differently abled children at the preschool level.  YourHub Highlands Ranch wrote an article this past week about the program.  It includes a couple fun photos of the kids at storytime and explains what the storytellers are doing with the program.  Please enjoy the YourHub article.  I

Early Literacy Online Resource Guide

Those of you who were able to attend the recent annual meeting heard about Vivienne Houghton's wonderful Early Literacy Online Resource Guide, created as the capstone project of her Master's program at the University of Denver.  It's packed with information about what EL information can be found on Colorado library's websites, definitions and descriptions, and even resources in other languag

New ECRR Information Added to Website

If you've poked around this website at all recently, you may have noticed some additional pages: we've updated the "Every Child Ready to Read" section to include the 2nd revision: aka the "5 Practices."

5 Practices - PLAY

Play can be a powerful boost to early literacy learning! The critical component of play that builds children’s literacy skills is oral language. This includes talking about their play, describing what they are doing, negotiating roles, and discussing props.

Narrative Skills

5 Practices - WRITE

For many of us, incorporating activities and messages about writing into our storytimes is a new practice, and it may feel unusual to think about our storytimes and literacy messages from this point of view. The connections between writing and our familiar six skills may not seem obvious. But reading and writing are natural partners, and children build pre-writing skills hand in hand with their pre-reading skills.  

How does writing with children help them get ready to read?

5 Practices - SING

How does singing with children help them get ready to read?

Phonological Awareness

Listening to and singing songs is one of the best ways for children to build their phonological awareness skills. Phonological awareness is the ability to hear the smaller sounds in words. This is a critical ability that allows children to sound out words on a page when they start to learn to read.

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