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Early Literacy Tip When a Book Isn't Working

Occasionally in storytime, a book just doesn't work. Maybe it's a new one that doesn't read to the group as well as you thought it would. Maybe it's an old favorite, but everyone has a case of the group wiggles and no one is paying attention.

Winter Snow Stories

It's the season for snow stories, one of my favorite themes of the year, it's actually hard for me to pick just 4 books to share with each story hour!

Welcome - Try creating a routine by using the same song, rhyme or finger play to start each story time meeting. Like this one using your hands . . . 

Open, shut them

Open, shut them

Give a little - clap, clap, clap

Open, shut them

Early Literacy Tip - Nursery Rhymes

I love nursery rhymes, and like that they are a core part of our toddler, baby, and preschool storytimes. I like to share this tip with parents to help them understand the importance of nursery rhymes: "Nursery rhymes are a great way to help your child learn language and new vocabulary in a silly, fun way. Studies have shown that children who are acquainted with nursery rhymes early in life have greater success in reading and spelling when they get to school."

Thanksgiving Stories

Welcome - Try a creating a routine by repeating the same song, rhyme or finger play each time you meet!

Story 1 - The Thanksgiving Door by Debby Atwell

Finger Play - Five Little Pilgrims

Early Literacy Tip for Baby Storytime

We always sing our opening song twice in baby storytime, and before we sing it the second time, I like to say, "We do a lot of repetition in baby storytime. Developing brains need lots of repetition to set neural connections. Children love reading their favorite books and singing their favorite songs over and over again, and it's a critical part of their brain development. Let's sing it again!"

Thanksgiving Early Literacy Tip

This week's early literacy tip is Thanksgiving themed, and is great to use in your Thanksgiving storytimes. It comes from Andrea at the Clearview Library District:

Classics as Board Books


Concept Story Time

ABCs, 123s, opposites, sizes, colors and shapes are all concepts, making "concept" story time one of the most versatile for all ages - here is a little sample of what a "concept" story time might look like.

Welcome - Try a creating a routine by repeating the same song, rhyme or finger play each time you meet!

Story 1 - LMNO Peas

Action Rhyme - This is Big (a rhyme about opposites)

This is big big big (spread arms wider apart each time you say "big")


Call for CLEL Steering Committee Members

We are looking for enthusiastic CLEL members who are interested in becoming Steering Committee members. Steering Committee members have had a chance to spread their wings, add to professional networks, and take on new challenges in their library careers, while making a positive difference in early literacy efforts across Colorado. CLEL has many more ideas for the future-and you could be one of the people to put those plans in action!

Here are the details:

CLEL Bell Award Nomination: Nighty-Night, Cooper by Laura Numeroff

Nighty-Night, Cooper by Laura Numeroff has been nominated for the CLEL Bell category SING

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