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Reading Rainbow New iPad App

The Reading Rainbow iPad app has officially been released.  There are currently 150 books in the app.  Your first book is free and then you do have to pay a $10 monthly subscription to have access to more books.  The group that created the app, RRKidz, made sure that the books have a little animation, but there is not so much that it distracts from the book itself.  LeVar Burton was heavily involved in the creation and promotion of the app. 

LeVar Burton helping to create new Reading Rainbow program: RRKidz

Post by Lisa C.

Technology in Storytime and Children's Book Apps

I've been thinking a lot about technology lately, especially as it may apply to storytime in the future. Will there come a time when we use our ipads to show our listeners the illustrations of a book, "swiping" our fingers across the screen to turn a page? I personally don't think that specific scenario is going to happen soon, but I do think technology could be integrated into storytime in an interesting and fun way. What do you think?

Shelf Reading? There's an app for that!

This is kind of off topic, but given the messes children's library collections can get into after several classes of elementary school students have blown through, this application would be super useful.

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