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Friday Fun with Baby Science

This poster of a baby exploring the scientific method recently came across my Facebook page.  It made me laugh because it is completely true.

State Baby Facts Released

The National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families has released the State Baby Facts factsheet on their site Zero to Three.  Zero to Three is a great resource site for other topics as well.  The fact sheet gives great information on how babies are faring in each state and how we compare to the rest of the country. There is some fascinating information including, poverty numbers and learning progress.

"Born to Read" Talking Points form ALSC

The Association of Library Service to Children has a great page of talking points for using when talking to parents of babies up to 12 months of age. It includes video links, brain information, booklists, play ideas, and more! This is an amazing resource for anyone needing ideas on how to share early literacy information with the parents of our youngest patrons. Check it out!

Ft. Morgan Library: Reviving Nursery Rhymes with Leaping Literacy!

Post by Cindy F.

Friday Funday: Star Trek Opposites Board Book

Post by Lisa C.

Are you a sci-fi nerd? Want to share a bit of nostalgia with your little one? Then this book is for you! Experience all the awesomeness that is Star Trek with your child. See Spock as "calm" and Kirk "surprised." All the images are from the original episodes. I hope your library has a copy for you to enjoy!


The Fascinating World of Baby Brains: Facts Every Parent Should Know!

From Live Science comes "11 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Their Baby's Brain," and needless to say, many of them have to do with language learning and early literacy. This is a great introduction to brain development in babies that you may wish to share with parents, or use to sharpen your own knowledge and find some tips to share with parents!  Why is a baby's perception more like a lantern, while an adult's is like a flashlight?

Babies Can Start Determining A Child's Reliability at an Early Age

Post by Lisa C.

Results from a recent study show that babies as young as 13 months old can determine if an adult it reliable based on past experience with adult behavior. I found this article fascinating. It really shows how important it is that we are a positive and consistent presence in a baby’s life. Check out the article from Live Science.

How to Raise a Reader

Post by Lisa C.

Foundation touts "encouraging good reading habits from birth"

A report by the Annie E.

Back To Basics - Babies Need Real People

Let's spread the word about this bit of news: Baby Einstein can no longer claim to create baby geniuses, and must even refund the price of its videos. It costs nothing to do the bottom-line best for children. Parents and caregivers need only share lots of language and a joy of being together. Attend storytimes and check out some books from the library and you have even further rich resources.

Please take a moment to read this NY Times article, "No Einstein in Your Crib? Get A Refund." by Tamar Lewin

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