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Poverty and Early Cognitive Development: What's The Connection?

CLEL member Babette R. has written a wonderful summary of a recently-released study that indicates that poverty has a greater impact on a child's cognitive development than early childhood education, whether or not a parent reads to the child. She concludes, and rightly so, that early childhood education, while important, will not close the achievement gap if we do not also work to eradicate poverty.

Friday Funday! Uncovered Cover Art

Have you ever wanted to re-do a kids' book cover? Have you ever looked at an old, but well-loved title, and thought "wow, I'm sure I could get more kids to read this if they just updated the cover!"? Well, Uncovered Cover Art allows artists to do just that. Artists submit their re-imagined covers of well-known children's books and not only do we get to enjoy them, but the artists might have their art seen by a publishing house!

5 Colorado Library Youth Services Bloggers

These Colorado librarians are blogging their storytimes and book reviews, and talking about early literacy. Follow them for some fresh ideas! If you are a Colorado youth services specialist with a blog that we missed, please let us know!

Passionate Librarian

Inspiring stories about how storytimes can make a difference, early literacy information, book reviews, songs and fingerplay podcasts, and much more.

Miss Mary Liberry

Why Using Big Words With Children is Important

Did you know that between the ages of 2 and 6 children have the ability to learn 6 to 10 new words a day? From the always helpful Not Just Cute blog comes this article about why it's important for adults to use "quality language" with children. While "baby talk" has been shown to support language development in infants, by the time children get older, they need to be hearing a rich vocabulary. 

Friday Funday! Book Reviews (and original art) by Gracie, Lily, and Isaac

Aaron Zenz is an author and illustrator in his own right, with such titles as Chuckling Ducklings and the Hiccupotamus available in libraries now. But his children are also budding illustrators, and book reviewers too! On their website Bookie Woogie the kids, Gracie, Isaac, Elijah, and Lily, talk about the books they've read and create fan art.

Playopedia: A New Play Resource

There's been a lot of talk lately about the benefits play provides young children. It's being talked about on blogs, in research, in libraries, and in early childhood education centers. Parents are certainly encouraged to make sure their children are getting plenty of time to just PLAY (although, as a child's brain develops, it's never JUST play, is it?)

Top 15 Blogs on Reading and Literacy

Blogs are a great place to get real-world, practical information on teaching reading and sharing books. Recently, this list of the "Top 15 blogs on reading and literacy" came out, and it includes some heavy hitters like Rasco from RIF and First Book.

Literacy Blog

Literacy is Priceless is a blog created by Anna Batchelder, an education consultant, and contains lots of helpful information and resources for people working to help children in grades PreK - 6 learn to read.  Check it out!

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