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Friday Funday

Friday Funday! Snowy fun: Cut out a virtual snowflake and share some snow stories!

Snowflake BentleyTired of the snow and cold yet? How about having some snowy fun without having to put on your boots and mittens? Create a virtual snowflake at Snowdays! You can add your snowflake to the storm with a personal message, or e-mail it to your friends.Fun for kids of all ages, and probably a great way for younger kids to perfect their mousing skills!

Friday Funday! La la la la...lemon!

I used this song in storytime today. I created large pictures of each "L" thing they mention, with the word written underneath, and the letter L highlighted. It's a fun way to learn vocabulary (linoleum, anyone?), letters and letter sounds, become more familiar with print, and just say some silly words. We sang it through once, looking at the words and pictures, and then I put on a cd of the song for us to sing again.

Friday Funday! I'd like to eat that book.

Some tasty fun today: Check out this amazing cake, made by flikr user apuch:

Barnyard Dance Cake

Amazing how closely the cake version of Boynton's book resembles the original, right down to the lettering:

Friday Funday! Cookie Monster tries SCIENCE!

Everybody needs a little Friday Fun! So we're going to start a new series on the CLEL Blog: Friday Funday! Each Friday we will feature something which is related to children and learning, but not necessarily completely early literacy focused. What it will always be, however, is FUN!

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