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Parents, Children, Libraries and Reading- Pew Internet Report

"The vast majority of parents of minor children — children younger than
18 — feel libraries are very important for their children. That
attachment carries over into parents’ own higher-than-average use of a

Early Literacy Storytime Videos for Libraries

Saroj Ghoting, at the request of the Library of Virginia in support of an online class, created a series of videos explaining what early literacy tips in storytime are, and showing how to present them to parents in storytime. Here, she demonstrates the difference between and effective early literacy aside and one that is ineffective:


You, Me, and the ABCs: Preview Michael Rosen's New Early Literacy Activity Book!

Via NAEYC comes this preview of Michael Rosen's new book of early literacy activities called You, Me, and the ABCs: 100 Ready-to-Read Activities for Kids and Their Favorite Grownups.

How Puppets in Storytime Help Develop Early Literacy Skills

Do you use puppets in storytime? I do; I bring a different "friend" for each storytime theme who comes out to help introduce our stories. He/she/it then sits down to enjoy storytime with the kids.

Advocacy Tip for January: Storytime Parents as Advocates!

Note: CLEL will be posting a new Advocacy Tip every month. To see all the tips, click on the "Advocacy Tip" tag above.

Don’t you love it when one of your storytime families thanks you for storytime? Well, the next time someone does, ask them to consider spreading the love! Invite them to write a letter to the editor of your local paper in praise of storytime!

Friday Funday: Star Trek Opposites Board Book

Post by Lisa C.

Are you a sci-fi nerd? Want to share a bit of nostalgia with your little one? Then this book is for you! Experience all the awesomeness that is Star Trek with your child. See Spock as "calm" and Kirk "surprised." All the images are from the original episodes. I hope your library has a copy for you to enjoy!


How to Raise a Reader

Post by Lisa C.

More Parents Living in Poverty are Reading with their Children

Post by Lisa C.

Parent Involvement the Key to Success

Post by Lisa C.

Friday Funday! Wonderopolis

Post by Lisa C.

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