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Friday Funday: Kids Need New Years' Resolutions Too!

Post by Lisa C.

The most common adult resolutions, from a kids' perspective:


Friday Funday! Daniel Handler Interviews Strangers About "Why We Broke Up"

Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket), author of such gems as the Series of Unfortunate and The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming, has teamed up with illustrator Maira Kalman on Why We Broke Up.

Friday Funday: Muppet Babies "By the Book"

For your Friday fun today, we bring you a little nostalgia: remember Muppet Babies? In this episode, our heroes find themselves in a nursery without toys (*gasp!*). Nanny brings in a box of books, but the babies can't yet read! What will they do? Kermit knows the answer, and it's right out of one of our early literacy trainings!

This is part 1. Links below the video are for parts 2 and 3:


Friday Funday! Kidlit Book Trailers

Boy, Dianne de las Casas has been busy lately! First, she creates Picture Book Month, that we are currently celebrating (remember last week's Friday Funday?). Now, she's created a website where we can watch book trailers for kids' books. Become a member, and you can upload videos too, or join groups and discuss them!

Friday Funday! Celebrate Picture Book Month with Peter Brown

In honor of Picture Book Month (a celebration of the literacy and the magic of picture books created by author Dianne de las Casas), Etsy asked author Peter Brown (of Children Make Terrible Pets fame) to compile his favorite videos about picture books.

Friday Funday (This Is Cool!): The Developmental Alphabet

Post by Lisa C.

This is a fun video on that animates each letter of the alphabet with unexpected words and excitement.  It's called the "developmental" alphabet: The B is made of a biscuit, and H is for Homer, as in Homer Simpson.  S and W are particularly cool! The whole video is very cute and entertaining.  I watched it several times because I couldn’t get enough.


Friday Funday: Muppets Theme Song As Performed By OK Go!

Post by Lisa C.

OK Go is band that has some of the most creative music videos out there.  Now, they have teamed up with the Muppets to do a music video of the Muppet Show theme song.  They have incorporated aspects of their best music videos all into this one video with the Muppets.  I loved the Muppets as a kid and still love them as an adult, so this video made me feel good all over.  PS: I highly recommend you check out some of OK Go’s other videos.  It is worth your time.


Friday Funday: Book Trailers!

One of the newer promotional tools publishers are using to get the word out about their new books are video trailers. Just like movie trailers, book trailers give you a taste of the story and characters, often with some animation and the author's own words. School librarian Mr.

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