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Friday Funday! Mya Reads a Pet For Petunia by Paul Schmid

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time reading aloud but seldom get to sit and listen to a story. THAT CHANGES TODAY. Sit and listen while Mya, a lovely girl of about 9 (?), reads you A Pet For Petunia by Paul Schmid. She does such a great job - reading with expression and showing the pictures! Enjoy!


Friday Funday! Jarrett J. Krososzka, LeVar Burton and surprise guest sing the Reading Rainbow Theme!

Give yourself a good laugh and watch this awesome rendition of the Reading Rainbow song, with Jarrett Krosoczka, Levar Burton and a surprise guest*, sung at the recent Children's Choice Book Awards. It will get you singing and laughing!

Friday Funday! Cookie Monster Learns About the Library

Post by Lisa C.

In this week's edition of Friday Funday, Cookie Monster learns an important lesson about what is in the library (It's not cookies. Sorry to disappoint you.).  


Friday Funday! The Tragedy of Perfection (aka Kids are so cute!)

Post by Lisa C.
This is just a reminder about how adorable kids really are and how you don’t have to be perfect at everything you do. Enjoy this little ballerina strive for perfection. (via Readertotz)

Friday Funday: Does Shaking Your Sillies Out Really Work?

Post by Lisa C.

Katie Couric investigatives if it is really possible to “shake your sillies out”  This is an important matter that we all need to pay attention to. Watch the video to learn the outcome of her investigation.

Friday Funday! Meet Emily Gravett, author of Monkey and Me!

Via Reading Rockets comes a video of author Emily Gravett, talking about her delightful (and popular) picture books, including Monkey and Me, which she calls a "shouting book!"

Friday Funday! La la la la...lemon!

I used this song in storytime today. I created large pictures of each "L" thing they mention, with the word written underneath, and the letter L highlighted. It's a fun way to learn vocabulary (linoleum, anyone?), letters and letter sounds, become more familiar with print, and just say some silly words. We sang it through once, looking at the words and pictures, and then I put on a cd of the song for us to sing again.

Friday Funday! Cookie Monster tries SCIENCE!

Everybody needs a little Friday Fun! So we're going to start a new series on the CLEL Blog: Friday Funday! Each Friday we will feature something which is related to children and learning, but not necessarily completely early literacy focused. What it will always be, however, is FUN!

Launching Young Readers: A television series by Reading Rockets

The Reading Rockets website is chock-full of really useful information related to reading, authors, books, and language.

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