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Call for CLEL 12 News!

CLEL 12 News

This past year, CLEL launched the CLEL 12 project, a set of early-literacy related activities you are invited to complete at your own pace. The actions were developed as basic building blocks, to help you strengthen your role as an early-literacy advocate, increase your participation in the early literacy community, further your own professional development and education, and expand your knowledge of the CLEL organization.
We invited you to give them a try, and we know some of you jumped right in! It has been really fun to see posts  come in to our Facebook page, articles sent for the CLEL blog, and CLEL members attend the Steering Committee meetings.
In a month we will be gathering at our Annual Meeting and we would love to hear from you about your progress. We promised to hand out prizes at the meeting to anyone who has completed all 12, so if you have, I invite you to fill out the completion survey so we know who you are! You’ll find it here, and also linked at the bottom of every CLEL 12 page.
If you’re still working on it, don’t give up! These actions will benefit you and your community whenever they are completed. And there’s still time to try a couple more before the Annual Meeting!

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