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CLEL Conference Preview

As you probably already know our annual conference is this Friday, September 13 in Englewood, CO. Friday the 13th has an infamous reputation but we hope to change that with this year's fantastic programs!

Each year the CLEL annual meeting has continued to grow and this year is no exception, branching from beyond a one room meeting into a multi-room and multi-workshop annual conference. We hope you are excited about these changes as we are.

If you're a social media buff use #CLEL13 in your tweets, status updates and photo tags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share with others what you're doing and learning during and after the conference. 

For those who cannot make it to the conference, and for those who can come but may not be able to make it to all the sessions they'd like, we will be posting videos, handouts, resources, etc. from the day's presentations here on the blog within the next couple weeks.

Drive safe and we look forward to seeing you there!



I just need a reminder as to the times for the conference and I'm wondering where I can get a preview of the events. I am registered, but I seem to have lost some of the specifics. Thanks,


Hi there;

If you visit you'll get to see all the meeting particulars, including time, location, and workshop information.



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