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Colorado's Early Childhood e-newsletter

As we look to increase an awareness of library resources for child care professionals and parents, we can submit articles to Colorado's Early Childhood e-newsletter. Here is one article published in the December 2009 edition. Please let me know if you have ideas for other articles in 2010.

-Priscilla Queen



and Happy: Books To Share With Children

Queen, Literacy Department
Douglas County Libraries

Sniffly noses and little coughs are inevitable parts of children’s lives.
We hope every child can avoid anything more severe. These days we have learned
to pay more attention to signs of flu and ways to prevent spreading of germs. We
understand that children in our care must also learn healthy habits that will
lessen the incidence of sick days and missing out on play and learning. We can
list rules about washing hands and remind about eating fruits and vegetables. In
our many ways to teach about health and taking care of ourselves, we can be sure
to include a few great read-aloud books that share good information using fun
vocabulary, creative problem solving and imaginative story settings.  Here is a
brief list of books that highlight a variety of health issues, from healthy
eating to getting a shot; from going to the doctor to getting well.

librarian will be able to help you find many more specific books to share with
your children.

Armadilly Chili
by Helen Ketteman

The Belly Book  
by Joe Harris

Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor  
by Stan and Jan

The “Get Well Book”: Good Wishes For Bad Times  
by Kes Gray and
Mary McQuillan

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? 
by Jane Yolen

I Hate To Be Sick 
by Aamir Lee Bermis

I’m Getting A Check Up  
by Marilyn Singer

Iris Has A Virus 
 by Arlene Alda

Lions Aren’t Scared of Shots: A Story for Children About Visiting the

 by Howard J. Bennet

One Child, One Seed
by Kathryn Cave

An Orange in January
by Dianna Hutts Aston

The Vegetables We Eat
by Gail Gibbons





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