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Friday Funday! Cookie Monster tries SCIENCE!

Everybody needs a little Friday Fun! So we're going to start a new series on the CLEL Blog: Friday Funday! Each Friday we will feature something which is related to children and learning, but not necessarily completely early literacy focused. What it will always be, however, is FUN!

For our first entry, we have a new Sesame Street series of interactive videos. In this video, Cookie Monster learns about the scientific method by testing whether various objects will sink or float.  The video is interactive because viewers can make choices, and a different video will pop up based upon their choice or hypothesis. Cool!



My kids, who are "too old" for Sesame Street, loved this. My 8 year old really enjoyed telling me what floated and what didn't and then went on to search for more sites on science experiments! Jill

p.s. You should make it more obvious how to get to previous Friday Fun posts! ;-)

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