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Friday Funday: Spotify + Kididdles = Storytime Music Made Easy?

Post by Lisa C.

Kids' music is an integral part of storytime.  Kididdles wants to teach you how to use Spotify to get it.  Spotify is a music service that has been in the UK for awhile, but has finally arrived in the states.  It is easy to use and you can get a free (for online listening/playing) or a paid account (to listen to music offline).  With Spotify you can look for great storytime songs, find what you want and avoid all those irritating songs that might make your ears bleed. Organize them into playlists by theme, artist, language, or any other way you choose!  Check out this video find out how to integrate Spotify into your storytime planning skills:




Time to ditch the CD player?

I am going to check this out as a tool for the staff at my library! We shuffle through a lot of CDs during storytime. Will this make it easier?


While I wouldn't necessarily ditch the CD player yet, I have found it much easier to use an iPod in storytime. I can make playlists for each theme or week, and it saves me the hassle of shuffling or burning new mix CDs. Our children's department (at Clearview Library District in Windsor) just purchased their own iPod which is also nice. (Now I don't have to worry that the kids will hit a button on mine and hear a song that may or may not be inappropriate for storytime. And conversely, I don't have to worry that Lunch Money or Jim Gill will be in the shuffle rotation when I have friends over.) I can simply download a disc or song from the collection and make a playlist without the CD ever being out of circulation for more than a few minutes.

And I LOVE the idea that I can use Spotify for this. It makes it so easy to preview new children's music. Thanks for the tip!




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