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I am Thankful for...Early Literacy Bulletin Boards!

Here's a great idea for an easy bulletin board for your library space that also supports early literacy skills!

Thanks to Elisabeth Wright at the Arapahoe Library District for sharing this idea with us!

Put up a message on a blank board that says, "I am thankful for..." and offer blank shapes for your families to add their thoughts. The blank shapes could be die cuts, or name tags, or just simple rectangles.

This simple idea brings so many early literacy skills into play! "What are you thankful for?" is an open-ended question, and as children answer it, they practice building narrative skills, telling little stories about what is important to them.

When children scribble, they are reinforcing their understanding that print carries meaning. As children write out words or names that their parents or caregivers spell for them, they are practicing their letter knowledge.

For children to see their work displayed is very motivating. They start to learn that readers are writers and writers are readers!

When parents write down what their children dictate, their children have a chance to practice using their expressive language skills and practice using new and old vocabulary words.

How can you recycle this idea all throughout the year in your library?

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