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Picture Books are Important: 10 ways picture books play a role in a child's development

By now we've all heard about the article that appeared in the New York Times discussing the decline in picture book sales.  The article claimed that parents are encouraging their children to read chapter books at earlier ages, and discouraging picture book use - partly the product of a desire to help their child succeed in reading and in school. What parents may not be aware of, however, is the myriad ways in which reading picture books (and graphic novels and magazines) can also help a child improve or develop his or her reading and language skills - in addition to being a fun activity to share.

The Children's Book Review shares 10 reasons why parents and children should continue to share picture books - and why children should be allowed to read anything and everything.



I love all the "defense of picture book" articles I've read since that New York TImes article came out, because they're all true. There's so many great reasons that picture books can be a permanent part of our reading life!

But I've been curious as to how widespread the "discouragement of picture books" is ever since I learned that the parent in the article was misrepresented by the Times. Read her story here!

What is your personal experience? Do you feel you're dealing with parents like this at your library?

--Melissa Depper

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