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Playopedia: A New Play Resource

There's been a lot of talk lately about the benefits play provides young children. It's being talked about on blogs, in research, in libraries, and in early childhood education centers. Parents are certainly encouraged to make sure their children are getting plenty of time to just PLAY (although, as a child's brain develops, it's never JUST play, is it?)

Entering the arena is a great new resource for parents, caregivers, educators and librarians alike: Playopedia. Created by the blogger behind the great Childhood 101 site, Playopedia pulls together the "best of the best play ideas on the world wide web."  Ideas are organized in useful categories such as "moving", "creating", and "outside" (each of these categories is explained; check the link at bottom).

How can this site be useful to librarians? I know that I've already found early literacy development ideas to share with parents in my workshops (check out "Hide and Seek Word Fun" and "Alphabet Secret Agent"). However, there are also lots of craft projects that can be adapted for library use - how about the spinning pinwheels or coffee filter flowers? And as bloggers can submit their ideas, the site will be continuously growing - so check back often!



Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind recommendation :) - Christie, Childhood 101 and Playopedia

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