2015 CLEL Bell Awards Winners

Click on the "Early Literacy Activity Sheet" link below each description to download an activity sheet with bibliographic information, an annotation, and ideas for extending the book with children.

READ: Books Always Everywhere, by Jane Blatt, illustrated by Sarah Massini

Follow along with a diverse cast of babies and toddlers as they fill their days with playing, sharing, and reading. Books Always Everywhere encourages families to see that books and reading can be a joyful part of their daily activities.

WRITE: The Crayon: A Colorful Tale about Friendship

Two quirky characters take turns scribbling with crayons, mixing and naming colors as they go. For young children, the scribbles in the illustrations and the conversations in the text model age-appropriate written and oral language skills.

TALK: Froodle, by Antoinette Portis

A bird leaves the usual chirps behind in a quest to find just the right new thing to say. Full of unexpected but fun made-up words, Froodle is a celebration of language and self-expression.

SING: I Got the Rhythm, by Connie Schofield-Morrison; illustrated by Frank Morrison

From storefront to sidewalk to park, an exuberant girl rejoices in the sounds and music she hears during a busy city day. Her actions show children how to listen closely to the world around them. The story’s rhythmic language and rhyming words help build phonological awareness skills.

PLAY: Tea with Grandpa, by Barney Saltzberg

A young girl and her grandfather spend a delightful time together singing, having a tea party, and chatting. Tea with Grandpa stands as a wonderful model of child-directed, open-ended play and presents a positive example of how technology can help children maintain critical family relationships.

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