2021 CLEL Bell Awards Selection Committee Application 

Thank you for your interest in the CLEL Bell Awards Committee! We are looking to build a strong team of CLEL members for the eighth annual Bell Awards. This is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to early literacy advocacy, gain experience working on an award committee, and build your resume! 


As you consider your application, please keep in mind that the CLEL Bell Award Committee will require:


  • Membership in Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy 

  • Access, via your library, interlibrary loan, and/or bookstores, to a large sample of picture books published in 2020

  • Access to email and the Internet (for routine communication, editing shared Google documents, and meetings in Google Hangouts)

  • A commitment of several hours a week securing access to, reading, and evaluating as many new picture books as possible

  • A commitment to attend, in person, a 4 hour meeting in the Denver metro area on Saturday, April 4, 2020

  • A commitment to attend, in person, an 8 hour shortlist selection meeting in the Denver metro area on Saturday, December 12, 2020

  • A commitment to attend hour-long Google Hangouts approximately once a month to discuss books that have been nominated for the CLEL Bell Award

  • In addition, the CLEL Bell Award Committee members will be responsible for developing extension activity ideas and supporting literacy information for each winning title

  • Please note that due to the potential conflict of interest we are unable to select a committee member who is professionally affiliated with a publishing company, including employees of the company or independent sales consultants. 


As part of the application process, please choose a book published in the last ten years, currently still in print, that you believe fit the criteria for the CLEL Bell Awards. Please do not choose a title from the shortlists. Write a brief paragraph describing how the book supports one or more early literacy skills, using the six Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR) skill terminology.  Also describe how the book relates to an early literacy practice, using the five ECRR practices. Then describe one extension activity idea (related to reading, writing, singing, talking, or playing) that could be used in storytime, or by parents and caregivers at home with their children. Enter this paragraph in the "Book and Activity Recommendation paragraph" field in the form linked below. There is a completed sample paragraph at the end of the application form.


If you would like to apply, please fill out the 2021 CLEL Bells Selection Committee application by Sunday, March 8, 2020. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application as soon as possible, and announce the members of the committee by early April.


Please send any questions to clelbellawards@gmail.com. Thank you!