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We are excited to announce the 2018 Keynote Address:

Intentionality, Interactivity, and Community:

Building Blocks for Effective Early Learning Programming at Public Libraries

Presented by:


Dr. Kathleen Campana

Assistant Professor, School of Information

Kent State University


J. Elizabeth Mills

PhD Candidate, Information Science

University of Washington Information School

What do you see as the future of early learning in public libraries? With the recent news on the Every Child Ready to Read initiative, how do librarians continue to position themselves as early learning leaders in their communities? Many libraries offer a variety of programming for children ages 0-5 that is intended to help them be ready for success in school, but how could these programs be more effective and expand their reach to impact the whole community? Our research-based framework of intentionality, interactivity, and community, which is grounded in our studies of storytimes, early learning, and outreach strategies, can provide the necessary building blocks for a robust approach to early learning programming that reaches and impacts your community both inside and outside your library’s walls, and focuses on supporting community aspirations for success in school and lifelong learning.

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