Early Literacy Resources Part 4: CO Play and Learn

Four our last resources installment, we wanted to revisit a great resource that has been mentioned previously but deserves a second look: CO Play and Learn App. CO Play & Learn offers quick learning tips accompanied by colorful graphics for parents and caregivers to help children develop pre-reading skills, and simple games and activities to do together in both English and Spanish. Activities are leveled for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and focus on reading, talking, singing, writing and playing. With this app, early literacy tips and activities can now be easily accessed from a mobile device- perfect for busy parents on the go! This App is available for Apple and Android! Click here

Early Literacy Resources Part 3: Reading Rockets

The Reading Rockets site is a wealth of information on all stages of reading- early literacy, beginning reading and helping struggling readers as they move through elementary school. One particularly relevant facet of the site for our work in early literacy is the Reading Tips for Parents portion. Here you will find not only reading tips for parents in easy to understand every day terms, but also the same tips in 10 other languages. They have also broken it down into stages- Parents of Babies, Parents of Toddlers etc.- to make it easier to target the audience you are looking for. You can simply click the link and you are able to download and print pdf. sheets of tips that can be displayed or

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