Literacy Without Limits: The Power of “I wonder”

This is the fourth in a series of conference reflections contributed by CLEL 2019 attendees who received scholarships. During the 2019 Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy, I noticed a theme across the sessions I attended. In each session, I was being challenged to see the possibilities and not the impossibilities in the ideas presented. In the workshop Factual Fun for Everyone, Cassandra Bland from the High Plains Library talked about not only the importance of incorporating non-fiction books into story time, but also about her specific experiences and books she’s used during story times. Bland encouraged us to think about what topics or stories the kids are interested in and how to pair

Tape Town: An Early Literacy Playdate

In October, the Montrose Regional Library hosted an early literacy event titled Tape Town. Customers were invited to bring their toy cars and visit the children’s room where a volunteer and I had laid down roads of masking tape all over the room. While the tape was by far the most daunting task, I'd like to talk more about the rest of the program. Tape Town was designed to allow caregivers space to practice early literacy with their child and simulate real-world environments where caregivers often go with their children; the grocery store, bank, post office, community garden, and car wash. The core of this event, though, was play. My goal was to transform our children’s room into an interact

A First-timer at CLEL

As a fairly new children's librarian, I had no idea what to expect at CLEL, let alone how it would benefit me. It was an all-around wonderful and informative conference, and my positive experiences throughout the day have guaranteed my attendance next year. As it turns out, though, the most valuable and constructive class I attended was not about how to include aspects of science into a children's program, or how to transition between a movement activity and a sit-down read-aloud during storytime. Don't get me wrong, these classes were incredibly useful in their own ways. However, I found the session about failure to be the one that really had a lasting impact on my memory. Let's face it, w

An Academic Library at CLEL 2019

This is the third in a series of blog posts contributed by CLEL members who received scholarships to attend our 2019 conference. This was my second year attending the CLEL conference, and once again I returned home full of excitement and ideas. The librarians at my table for the opening were from High Plains, JeffCo and Weld libraries. Two were presenting and excited about the day at hand. The keynote speaker, Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, is a true advocate for literacy and children. His presentation was inspiring, humorous and thought provoking. I could not stop singing his praises to my co-workers. I truly enjoyed my first session Factual Fun for Everyone with Cassandra Bland. Cassandra was a

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