February 13, 2015



A colleague of mine observed my Storytime last week, and if you haven’t had anyone do this for you, I highly recommend it! While it can be tough to hear things that aren’t perfect (I mean, as much as we strive to be perfect, there’s always something to improve, right...

December 29, 2014


The weather in Denver today is snowy and cold; the roads are icy, and most people have elected to stay in their homes rather than venture out into the world. That means that there are few people in the library now, which gives me time to reflect on the space we have i...

August 30, 2014

Not every storytime  goes according to plan, and some feel less successful than others.  This week was one of those less successful weeks for me, but each challenge brings with it new learning opportunities, right??


I was a theatre major in college, which helps SO...

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March 26, 2020

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