Current TALK Nominations

The following titles have been nominated for the 2021 CLEL Bell Awards

in the category TALK.

I Am Perfectly Designed

by Karamo Brown, Jason "Rachel" Brown and Anooshe Syed (Henry Holt & Co)

A conversation between a father and son, as they walk through their neighborhood, affirming their roles in each other's life.

Pearl Goes to Preschool

by Julie Fortenberry (Candlewick)

Pearl loves to go to ballet school with her mother, but she isn't so sure about preschool. She has LOTS of questions about what preschool will be like, and her mother patiently answers them all.

Can I Play Too?

by Samantha Cotterill (Dial Books)

This sweet book that shows two young friends playing together and the struggles that comes with communication. The teachers give a helpful way to see clues when a person is upset.

My Mindful Walk with Grandma

by Sheri Mabry, illustrated by Wazza Pink (Albert Whitman & Company)

The title describes this book perfectly in this delightful story of a nature walk and a lesson in mindfulness from a Grandmother to her Granddaughter.

Eek!: A Noisy Journey from A to Z

by Julie Larios, illustrated by Julie Paschkis (Peachtree Publishing Company)

This is a different kind of alphabet book! Talk about the letters, make the accompanying sounds and follow along with the story as well. Busy colorful illustrations make this a fun addition to an ABC collection

The Paper Kingdom

by Helena Ku Rhee, illustrated by Pascal Campion (Random House Books for Young Readers)

Beautifully illustrated story about a young boy being taken to a night shift with his parents. In order to keep the boy up the parents create an imaginary Kingdom full of wonder and adventure. The dialogue is engaging and adorable in this beautiful own voices story.

Layla's Happiness

by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin (Enchanted Lion Books)

Layla lists all the simple things that make her happy, like eating purple plums, climbing a tree or finding a sand dollar at the beach. This ebulient little girl's zest for life will charm all readers.

I'm Not Millie

by Mark Pett (Knopf Books for Young Readers)

Millie's parent keeps telling her to stop playing with her food, jumping around the house and splashing water everywhere during her bath. But according to Millie and her vivid imagination - she's not the one misbehaving! This silly book will be a hit with young readers.

What I Like Most

by Mary Murphy, illustrated by Zhu Cheng-Liang (Candlewick)

A little girl lists the things that she likes most as she goes about her day: her red pencil, homemade jam on her toast, the river where she plays with her friends. She has a lot of favorite things - but one is more important than all the rest!

Mama Baby

by Chris Raschka (Candlewick)

Mama Baby shows a simple, loving dialogue between a mother and child. Simple in the way it's presented, but huge in the depiction of how a caregiver lovingly speaks and listens to a baby.

Hello, Little One: A Monarch Butterfly Story

by Zeena Pliska, illustrated by Fiona Halliday (Page Street Kids)

In this beautifully illustrated book a caterpillar get's encouragement and a lesson in patience from a Monarch Butterfly.