Current WRITE Nominations

The following titles have been nominated for the 2021 CLEL Bell Awards

in the category "WRITE."

Margot and the Moon.jpg
Margot and the Moon Landing

by A.C. Fitzpatrick, illustrated by Erika Medina (Annick Press)

Margot LOVES outer space. LOVES it. In fact it's all she ever talks about. But people don't really listen to her anymore. Until she learns to write her feelings.

I Found a Kitty!.jpg
I Found a Kitty!

by Troy Cummings (Random House)

A dog looks for a new home for a lost kitten. He rejection letters from each family he tries, until he finds just the right one.

Nola's Scribbles Save the Day.jpg
Nola's Scribbles Save the Day

by Cristina Lalli (Page Street Kids)

Nola loves to scribble until she has a creative block, but her scribbles save the day!

Swashby and the Sea.jpg
Swashby and the Sea

by Beth Ferry, illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal (HMH Books for Young Readers)

Swashby is a retired man who lives by the sea and likes things quiet. Then, a little girl and her grandmother move next door and things are louder than he likes. He writes very clear messages in the sand for the little girl, but the sea has other plans.

A Book for Escargot.jpg
A Book for Escargot

by Dashka Slater, illustrated by Sydney Hanson (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

When Escargot goes looking for a cookbook he discovers Julia Child's Art of French Cooking. But - c'est horrible! - her signature dish is snails! Escargot decides to write his own book and interacts with the reader as he does it.

Love, Sophia On the Moon.jpg
Love, Sophia on the Moon

by Anica Mrose Rissi, illustrated by Mika Song (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

Sophia is angry with her mother, so she writes her a note saying that she is moving to the moon. Mom and Sophia write a series of letters back and forth and ultimately learn that writing about one's feelings is very healing.

Finding Francois.jpg
Finding Francois: A Story about the Healing Power of Friendship

by Gus Gordan (Dial Books)

Alice the pig loves her grandmother but longs for a friend her own age. When her grandmother passes, Alice tosses a letter in a bottle into the river. It finds a dog who writes her back. Thus begins a friendship filled with kindness and healing.

Fern and Otto.jpg
Fern and Otto: A Story About Two Best Friends

by Stephanie Graegin (Schwartz & Wade Books)

Fern is writing a story but Otto thinks it's boring, so they head out into the forest to find a more exciting idea. Along the way they encounter classic fairy tale scenarios will any of them make as good a story as the one about Fern and Otto's friendship?

When I Draw a Panda.jpg
When I Draw a Panda

by Amy June Bates (Simon & Schuster)

A little girl explains and shows how she draws. It's not always perfect, it doesn't always follow the rules, but it's all hers.

Picture Book by Dog

by Michael Relth (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

Dog writes and illustrates a book about himself! He tells the story of his journey from shelter to a home with a family he loves.

My Pencil and Me

by Sarah Varon (First Second)

How do books get made? First with an idea and a pencil!

It's Okay

by Shiow-Miin Tsai (Reycraft Books)

Mistakes can be made into something beautiful.