Current WRITE Nominations

The following titles have been nominated for the 2020 CLEL Bell Awards in the category "WRITE."


by Max Amato (Scholastic Press)

The pencil and eraser, at first, aren't playing well together. Then they realized they can work together to make beautiful drawings.

Maze Book: Follow the Bunny

by Roger Priddy (Priddy Books)

This book supports pre-writing skills as the reader's finger follows along the path on each page.

The Magic Of Letters

by Tony Johnston, illustrated by Wendell Minor (Neal Porter Books)

Lively colorful illustrations and delicious vocabulary will delight all lovers of words.

A Quieter Story

by Liza Woodruff (Margaret Ferguson Books)

A little girl sets out to write a story about her kitten - but some adventures can be too scary!

The Thank You Letter

by Jane Cabrera (Holiday House)

Grace is having a party, and writes a to-do list as well as communicates through letters of invitation and thanks.

Grandpa's Stories

by Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Allison Colpoys (Harry N. Abrams)

A little girl and her beloved grandfather share stories adventures throughout the year. After he is gone he leaves her one last notebook, in which she writes and draws all of her Grandpa memories.

Fly Flies

by Ziggy Hanaor, illustrated by Alie Bowsher (Cicada Books)

A playful, fun way to introduce pre-writing skills with the "fly lines" of a fly and other animals.

Look! I Wrote a Book! (And You Can Too!)

by Sally Lloyd-Jones, illustrated by Neal Layton (Schwartz & Wade)

Want to write your very own book? If so, all you need is a little imagination - and the detailed and silly instructions outlined in this title!

This Is a Sea Cow

by Cassandra Federman (Albert Whitman & Company)

The story that is written by a child directly models writing throughout the entire book. The text is in little-kid script as the author tells the reader fun sea cow facts!

When Pencil Met Eraser

by Karen Kilpatrick and Luis O. Ramos, Jr., illustrated by German Blanco (Imprint)

Pencil is busy making beautiful creations - until Eraser comes along and erases them. But eventually the two find that by working together their art becomes even better!

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