Other Early Literacy Reminders


Many books for toddlers have STEM learning points-colors, counting, design, curious kids.

Apps cannot replace laps!

Repetition is the best way to help children learn songs, rhymes, and learn to read.

Encourage parents to begin reading to their children when they are infants. The brain is formed during the very early years. The interactions you have before the age of three really matter.

Toddlers value mastery over novelty; make sure to repeat things with toddlers.

Your child loves to be close to you and hear the sound of your voice. The bond you create with your child when you share books, sing songs, and recite rhymes will support his or her learning for a lifetime.

Recognizing patterns in books and in pictures helps a child get ready to read and promotes early math concepts. 

Children are copying what you do and say - make sure the things you're showing them are things you want repeated!

When your baby watches your hand motions in finger play, his brain is stimulated in the same areas that would be stimulated if he were making the motions. Just by watching you, he is getting his brain ready to learn to read and write.

Parents are their children's first and best teachers!

You are your child's most important teacher, but that doesn't mean you have to drill your child on particular skills.  Have fun while learning together!

Children learn best when they feel happy, secure and loved.  Whenever you give your child a hug or a kiss, you are giving him or her a great foundation for learning.

Let your child see you reading and writing, even if it's a grocery list, and share what you're reading/writing.

Please read something to your kiddos every day - not just because it's good for them, but because you love them so much!

Moving not only makes the body stronger, but it also strengthens our BRAINS and boosts future reading skills! Go on and shake those sillies out!

Movement and dance are important for children because it delivers oxygen to their growing brains.

Make sure you give children time to answer the questions before supplying the answer for them. Children who are learning how to talk need extra time to respond because they need to use four parts of their brain to formulate a response. Even if your child does not answer, he or she may be thinking about the answer. 

You can never be too silly to get a child engaged.

It's okay for your baby to eat the board books. This is a way for them to experience reading through their senses. Their sense of taste is actually helping their brain develop.

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