Pre-Conference Workshop

Reimagining School Readiness

Kate Brunner, Beth Crist, Melody Garcia, Kate Smith, Donna Throckmorton

Leadership Institute

Keynote: Lucia Gonzalez

Participating on the CLEL Steering Committee

Kelly Allan, Allison Presley, Lauren Graham, Jessica Fredrickson, Lauren Cockerill and Desiree Sotomayor

Growing Readers Together: Forming Partnerships and Building School Readiness

Summer Sanford

Work of Childhood: Promoting Play in the Library

Ann Santori

Everyday Mentorship

Lisa Cole

Main Conference

A is for Agriculture

Julia Baratta

Fake It Till You Make It

Mary Lanni

Inside Early Talk

Caitlyn Stafford

Social Emotional Mental Health

Alison Hargarten and Lisa Schlueter

Supporting Beginning Readers

Laura Lay

Author Panel

Discussion Groups

Non-Fiction in Storytime

Erin Richards

Authenticity in Children’s Literature

Krissy Jensen