Read Reminders

Make Storytime have AHA moments.

One way that children become interested in reading is seeing their parents read. Try to find time to make reading a priority for everyone at home so that your children will be inspired to read.

If parents are not comfortable reading, either because of their level of literacy or their lack of comfort with a new language, assure them that looking at a picture book's illustrations with their child and talking with them about the pictures is extremely valuable as well and will help their children become readers.

Using different voices for different characters really does make a difference.  You will see kids become more engaged in the story almost immediately.

Pay attention to how your child reacts to the book you are reading. Stop if your child isn't enjoying the story and try another book or another time.

Every time you read the same book, your child gets something new out of it.  Repetition is necessary and good.

Want your children to read?  Let them see YOU reading!

Grown ups: notice how I pointed to the bolded words in the book? That helps your kiddos learn that the words yo uare saying are related to the black squiggly lines on the page. This supports how kids learn about reading! You can do this, too!

Keep books everywhere, because you never know when you will be stuck in line or in traffic; books are a great way to keep your children entertained.

Parents, show your excitement about picture books! Use different voices and read with expression and enjoyment, making this a special time with your child.

The very best book to read with your child is the one that she or he chooses.

Bring home a non-fiction book on a topic of interest to your child. These books have colorful pictures, build vocabulary skills, and are an excellent inclusion in reading time.

Share a book together, and remember that you don't have to read every word.

Never skip "hard" words when reading a book out loud.  Instead, buy a dictionary and play "let's explore the word" to find the meaning of the word together.  This is a great vocabulary builder. 

Reading is the single best thing you can do to help your child be a lifelong learner!

How you read is as important as what you read.

Reading books with basic shapes and patterns helps children develop early mathematical reasoning skills that will be helpful when children attend school.

Start reading a book upside down or backwards.  See if your child notices.  This helps them learn how a book works. 

Try reading books with various punctuation marks, like "Moo"  and then really emphasize how to use them when you read the book. 

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