Traditions and Memories


One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of my dad reading The Night Before Christmas to me and my brother during the holiday season. Whenever I read the story now, I hear my dad’s voice saying the words, and because we read it so many times, I can recite much of it from memory. No matter what holiday traditions your families might have, reading stories together not only builds literacy skills but also creates memories that will last for a lifetime.

If you have a holiday-themed event at your library, consider providing well-known poems or stories as handouts for the families in attendance. Even if they don’t have the poem or story to take home as a book, this is one way of getting the poem or story into their hands to share with their families after your event is over.

An Early Literacy Tip to go along with this could be: Repetition helps children learn and retain new vocabulary. Reading poetry helps build narrative skills, also, especially if you take the time to discuss the poem with your child(ren) after reading it.


There is no right or wrong way to read with your family - taking the time out of your busy lives to share those precious moments with each other is valuable on its own!

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