Felt Board Songs and Stories


I tried my first Felt Board song in Storytime this week, and it was a hit! My storytime encompasses all ages, so this was a great way to get the young ones engaged while still providing a narrative for the older ones.

I chose to sing 5 Green and Speckled Frogs and created the felt pieces myself (frogs are not easy to make, by the way)! There were five frogs, a pool, and of course, a speckled log. Lots of the parents knew the song already, so that was helpful, and the visual helped the children to be able to sing along with me, too. I especially liked the fact that the frogs were in front of the children’s eyes, so they could help me count a visual object instead of an ethereal concept.

I’m sure many of you have Felt Board stories and songs that you love using in your storytimes! One of the things I enjoy about using them is the versatility of the felt board and the myriad possibilities that can appear on its blank slate. While reading books is important, particularly in modeling the behavior for children and their parents, telling stories using puppets, felts, or other visuals can be just as educational and entertaining.

If there’s a longer story, say a Mother Goose story or Grimm fairy tale, that you would like to share in your storytime, I encourage you to try telling the story via felt board and see how the engagement you receive from your children might be different from when you read a physical book to them. Here are some great felt board ideas from others in the field!

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