Resource of the Month: What'll I Do With the Baby-O?


Resource of the Month is a new monthly feature from the CLEL Training Committee. We will talk about one of our favorite early literacy or storytime resources--books, blogs, websites: all will be covered here!

This month's resource is the fabulous book What'll I Do With the Baby-O? by Jane Cobb. This book is a must read for anyone new to baby storytime (and tons of stuff in here is great for toddler time, as well), as well as anyone who is looking for new rhymes and songs to refresh their storytime.

What'll I Do With the Baby-O? isn't just a book of rhymes for baby storytime. It also walks you through how to plan and implement a baby storytime, as well as information about baby brain development and how that works in baby storytime. Cobb gives tips and tricks for what to do about crying babies, how to handle parent complaints about some of the images in nursery rhymes, and how to use books in your baby storytime. And this is all in the first 50 pages!

There are also tons of rhymes that make up the bulk of the book. There are bouncing rhymes, tickling rhymes, rhymes in Spanish and French, songs and lullabies, and more. Even if you're a baby storytime veteran, there are bound to be rhymes in here you've never used before.

The last section of the book includes even more resources to help with storytime planning. There are lists of good books for babies and toddlers, sample storytime plans, stories to tell aloud, and early literacy tips that you can use in your baby storytime.

What'll I Do With the Baby-O? is a wonderful resource for planning an excellent baby storytime!

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