Early Literacy Reminder - Talking

Boy and Paper Bag Puppet

One of my favorite things about preschool storytime is that it gives me a lot of opportunity to talk to the kiddos and let them talk back! This week in storytime our theme was art, and we currently have a youth art show on display at the library. So we talked about what art is, what kinds of art the kids do at home, and whether they might want to be a part of our art show next year. Conversations like this build a lot of background knowledge, and you can share with parents how important that is with this early literacy reminder: "Talking to your kids about many different events, stories, and ideas will help them build background knowledge about all kinds of things. Background knowledge is essential when kids learn to read--it helps them understand the context of the stories they are reading. Talking with your child about a wide variety of topics is a great way to build early literacy skills!"

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