Rainy Day Activity


On this rainy day in Denver, it made me think of one of my favorite activities to do with kids (and even teens) of all ages. I love to make playdough!

Not only is it fun, but when you are mixing everything together, you can incorporate STEM, as well. Then, after you’ve made the playdough, everyone gets to play with it (AND build fine motor skills). It’s a win-win!

Here’s the recipe I like to use!

When I make this recipe with my kiddos, I like to put the dry ingredients in the bowl first, counting out each addition.

Then, I put the wet ingredients into a tall, clear container (that won’t be affected by the boiling water). This helps the kids see the fact that water and oil do not mix. You can put the water in first and make predictions together as to whether the oil will mix into the water, sit under it, over it, or anything else.

After deciding what color of food coloring you’d like to use, have the children make predictions about whether it will mix with the water or the oil as you drop the drops in. When the children sit close, they can see the drops remain spherical in the oil and disperse once reaching the water.

Next, mix everything together. If the dough is very sticky, add more flour until it does not stick to your fingers anymore. The amount you will ultimately need will depend on the humidity in the air that day.

Once it’s all mixed, give out a ball of dough to each participant! They can play with it during the program and then put it in a plastic zipper bag to take home and play with again and again.

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