Math in Early Literacy

Math is one of the most challenging concepts to incorporate into Early Literacy activities...or is it?

ZERO TO THREE, Too Small to Fail, and Highlights for Children have teamed up to provide Early Literacy specialists with the tools they need to be successful incorporating math into their regular activities.

Please read below for more information about these collaborations and the resources they have to offer!

(Image and following text credit: Too Small to Fial)

It’s as simple as one, two, three!

Research shows that cultivating a child’s understanding of math concepts from an early age can have a significant, positive impact on their future learning and success. That’s why earlier this week, we announced two exciting new partnerships that will help give parents and caregivers the resources to transform everyday moments into simple, math-rich learning activities for their children. First, Too Small to Fail has partnered with ZERO TO THREE to produce a series of videos that give parents of babies and toddlers a model for how to talk with children about math topics like counting, shapes, and measurement, which lay the foundations for learning math. Then, together with Highlights for Children, Too Small to Fail has created a bilingual (Spanish/English) math resource kit with games, activities, and posters for parents to use with their children. Check out our early math resources page and share our short video clips about shapes, counting, and spatial awareness on social media to jumpstart your child’s early math learning today!

Tip of the Week

Teaching your littlest learner math can be fun – most importantly, it can take place during everyday moments! For example, when you’re going up and down the stairs at your house, count each stair together. Or, when you’re at the playground, count the little kid swings, then count the big kid swings, and then count the two groups together! See, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Follow more of our early math tips this week with #LetsTalkMath!

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