Spotlight: Library of Virginia

To dovetail with last week's blog post, I wanted to share the website of the Library of Virginia. Their Early Literacy resources are some of the best that I have seen, particularly because they offer educational programs to library staff and other interested professionals. Additionally, they have something called the Day By Day Family Literacy Calendar. This calendar can be accessed online and each day includes a song or action rhyme, a book suggestion, a video to watch, a discussion topic, and further exploration. If you are looking for inspiration or ideas, this is a great resource!

While all libraries may not have the funding to provide such a thorough collection of information, this may spark some reasonable ideas within your own library system. The more ways we can connect with our families, the more information will reach them. And the ways we connect don't have to be expensive! Sometimes that conversation at the circulation desk or after storytime can make all the difference.

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