Re-Imagining Your Early Literacy

The start of a new year gives us the opportunity to reflect on what was and how it can impact what is to come. Perhaps some things can be let go in favor of moving forward into a new experience. This goes for our individual personal lives, our professional lives, the spaces in which we find ourselves every day, and the choices we make. As we move into 2016, try looking at things with an unbiased, yet critical eye - particularly in regards to the Early Literacy activities taking place in your library.

How does the space welcome children and families? Is it welcoming to all? What might make it more holistic in its approach to Early Literacy messaging?

Check out this article on spaces for babies in the library.

How do you communicate to families during Storytime programming? Do your Early Literacy tips need refreshing, are you considering trying songs in another language, or are you just ready for something new? Librarians across the country are generous enough to share their Storytime routines - perhaps one of these will provide some new inspiration. (There are many more than the ones listed here. Please email your favorites to so they can be added to the list!)

Storytime Katie

Mama Lisa's World


Mandy Librarian

Just because it is a new year does not mean that everything has to change, but it is a perfect time to turn over that new leaf you've been considering.

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