Indoor Pinterest Fun- From the trenches

We're all familiar with Pinterest and all the amazing ideas you can find. From program ideas to displays, it's a world of seemingly do-able ideas right? And yet, how often have you gotten 15 minutes into a project or program and realized "This does not look right..." ?

I too have faced this battle both at home with my own kids and with my patrons at the library, so I wanted to share a win and offer some ideas on how you could adapt it to a library program- as well as how it applies to early literacy.

Pintrest Idea: Baking Soda Car Wash.

I was snowed in with my kids for the last three days and gave this one a whirl. As you can see from the pictures, my two year old loved it, and even my 8 year old enjoyed it so it spans different age groups. The idea is that you pour baking soda in containers, drive cars around till they're good and dirty, then- and this is the best part- "wash them" with vinegar. You know what happens then right? We all had a blast!

How does this apply to Early Literacy? Here are just a few:

Read: Vocabulary- we talked about things like tracks, wheels, under, over and many more.

Write: Print Awareness- we "drove" letters and numbers in the baking soda!

Talk: Narrative Skills- we talked about what the cars were doing, about what our own car would do in the snow.

How can we apply this in a large setting to multiple early learners? That's easy! Big bins and lots of baking soda! You don't have to use cars either- it could be a snow forest with animals, dinosaurs in sand, the only limit is your imagination! You don't even have to use manipulatives- simply drawing in the soda would be a great early literacy activity. This is one activity that can be done for small or large groups and changed to reflect whatever your current themes or goals are. I encourage you to try this Pinterest win with one of your groups today!

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