Jumping Jelly Fish!

Looking for a fun, low cost craft that will work for all ages? Look no further than this fun muffin cup jelly fish craft!

What you need:

*Muffin Cup for each child

*Fishing Line

*Party streamers or ribbon

*Glue stick

What you'll do:

*Give kids each a muffin cup and an assortment of streamers or ribbons. Streamers are an inexpensive option and look great when cut in thirds.

*Have kids glue the streamers and ribbon to the inside of the cup

*Put a small hole in the top and thread the fishing line through it so that the jelly fish looks like it's floating!

Crafting with kids may seem like simple fun, but you are also building early literacy skills. You can build vocabulary skills by talking with them through each step and even writing skills by working fine motor movements with the glue stick. Try incorporating a fun underwater story with this craft for even more fun! The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen has a tun of great rhyming words, rhythm and its so much fun!

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