Fun in the Sun With Letters

It’s July. That means sunshine, popsicles, water fights and pool time right? Don’t forget to throw in some early literacy activities while you’re at it! Allison Sonnier from Learn-Play-Imagine has come up with a great activity to get kids outside and having fun with letter sounds.

What you’ll need:

Sidewalk chalk

A place to write (driveway, patio)

Squirt guns or water bottles

Write out the alphabet with your sidewalk chalk. You can write the whole alphabet, or focus on certain letters- maybe your child’s name! Say the letter names with your children, talk about the sounds that each one makes and point to the letter as you're doing so. Now it’s time for the fun part: hand over the fire power- or squirt bottle that is- and as you say a letter or a sound, have you child squirt it! This has endless hours of fun written all over it!

After a while, the chalk will be gone- but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! As an extension activity and to work on pre-writing skills, help children use the squirt bottles to draw letters or shapes. Younger children can even dip fingers in bowls of water and “paint” the sidewalk!

To see Allison’s activity at work and for other ideas, click here! Have fun, get wet, and remember your ABC’s!

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