Tip of the week stations @ your library

Summer is nearly done and as older siblings head back to school, our youngest patrons will once again flood toddler times and play areas in our children’s room! This fall, why not try something new with a tip of the week/ activity of the week center? This could be located just about anywhere in the children’s area- we like to use one of the tables but it could be posted on a wall or even the end of a shelving unit.

Create the center by first thinking of the tip- so many activities and suggestions can be designed to fit each tip, I’ve found this is the easiest place to start. Pick one of the five early literacy practices- read, write, talk, sing, play- and go from there. Once you’ve found a good tip for parents/caregivers, find an easy way to help them practice it right there at the library! Here are some examples from Security Public Library:


ip: Children love to sing and be sung to! From the littlest baby to the tot on the go, singing is a great way to keep children interested and excited about what you’re reading. Encourage print motivation by singing a book today!

Activity: Choose one of the books on the table and sing along! Feeling shy? Grab a book with a cd and head over to our listening station!

Tip: Did you know playing with puppets can encourage narrative skills? Acting out daily activities with puppets as the star is a fun way to introduce sequencing of events and keep kids laughing!

Activity: Use the puppets in the play area to act out a typical morning for you and your child: Wake up, make breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed. Make it fun! How does a shark brush his teeth with such short fins after all?

The possibilities are endless and clel.org is a great place to start for finding tips and ideas!

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