Early Literacy Makerspace

When we hear the term “makerspace” the first thing you think of is high tech 3D printing or super expensive equipment. You certainly don’t think it’s anything a toddler needs to get their hands on! Little hands need to create and build just as much- maybe more- than big ones! Creating a simple makerspace on a budget is super easy though. Here’s one idea for and early literacy makerspace for your library.

What you need:

*Large Legos or blocks. If you’re on a budget, put out a post for patrons to donate. Almost everyone has some they’re looking to get rid of as kids get older.

*Container for Legos. Kids are more likely to pick up if there’s an easy container for them.

*Paper and a black marker for silhouette.

What’s next?

I made several creations out of the Legos. A tractor shape, some letter shapes and things like that. I then traced them and filled them in with marker. I then wrote on the sheet “Can you make these shapes?” and “what else can you make?” I taped the paper down to the table so it wouldn’t get torn by little fingers.

How’d it turn out?

Wonderfully! I’ve never seen so many happy hands! Kids of all ages are trying to make the shapes. They’re also trying to write letters with the Legos and building towers. More than a few children have been overheard turning down computer time so that they can continue to play! This has been a wonderful addition to our library!

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